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4 Businesses That Can Benefit From Barbed or Razor Wire Fencing

Razor Wire Fencing
Barbed and razor wire fences are effective additions for increasing security. Both types consist of heavy-duty wire with sharp edges. With barbed wire, the sharp edges come from ties of heavy wire with the sharp points exposed. With razor wire, the sharp edges come from sharpened strips of steel tape.
Fencing contractors can choose between these two different methods of installing the sharp wire to the tops of fences. They can either spool it along the top in coils or string it between arm extensions. While the use of barbed or razor wire can carry associations with prisons or other high-security businesses, either one can be useful for specific commercial businesses.

1. Construction Yard
Constructions yards commonly feature security fencing. The business owners often have chain link fencing installed with top and bottom barbed rails to further prevent climbing or tunneling.
High-security fencing makes sense for construction sites because the goods stored at construction yards are often high-value. Not only do you have your building materials, you also have a lot of expensive construction equipment. Many construction businesses also park heavy-duty vehicles on-site. You may have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars worth of goods.
Either barbed or razor wire is a good idea for the top of your security fence. Since aesthetics aren't a big focus at most construction yards, you might consider the spools of wire as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders.
2. Auto-Repair Garage
Another business that houses a lot of highly expensive equipment is the auto-repair shop. Not only do they have valuable diagnostic equipment, but a simple toolbox can actually represent a significant investment depending on what's inside. What's more, you have other people's property — their cars — on-site for long lengths of time. Therefore, you don't want theft or vandalism to be an issue.
The fencing for auto-repair garages isn't usually as extensive as for construction yards because the properties are generally smaller. You still often see chain link fencing, but tubular metal makes its appearance, too. If you're considering chain link fencing, look into barbed wire for the top. Razor wire might be a little intimidating for patrons.
3. Commercial Farm
Speaking of intimidating, when you have children coming to your business, you may think you want to stay away from obvious security accessories such as barbed wire. That said, commercial farms often use barbed wire, and it's not just for security. Animals are unpredictable, and you don't want the liability if a patron gets injured from a spooked cow or horse who strays outside your fence line.
For this style of fencing, you'll want to consult with fence experts who have worked on commercial farms. They can assess your livestock and help you design a system of internal and boundary fencing that can keep both your animals and your patrons safe. They will likely recommend barbed wire at least for boundary fencing.
4. Pharmacy or Vet Clinic
Going back to the human element, all business owners want to keep their stock safe. While any business is susceptible to break-ins, certain businesses are especially at-risk. If you store any kind of pharmaceuticals, as you would in a pharmacy or veterinary clinic, you may have some very determined would-be burglars.
As with the commercial farm, you want to consider how patrons will view your security fencing. Indeed, you want it to make a two-fold impression. You want patrons to feel comfortable and welcome. However, you want potential thieves to know your property is well-protected.
Here is an instance where razor wire may be the best option. Razor wire definitely carries an intimidating profile, so potential intruders will know your business is well-secured. But if you choose the sleeker extension arms for installation, the profile itself won't be so obvious to patrons.
Keep your business secure by adding barbed or razor wire to your security fencing. Consult with  Duke Fence Co., Inc. for a security fence that best meets your business's needs.